Meet Dr. Laurie Pearce

Located in the heart of Longview, Dr. Laurie Pearce owns Priority Wellness Care (formerly known as Dr Pearce Wellness Care) and it is like no other wellness office in East Texas. The environment at Priority Wellness Care is one of tranquility and comfort. Along with chiropractic, Dr. Pearce offers several wellness services and products that focus on getting you healthy, and keeping you healthy, hence our motto:  GET HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY.

Here are just a few of the alternative health services offered:

  • Nutrition Response Testing  
  • Heart Sound Recorder Evaluation/Program
  • Nutritional Counseling /Weight Loss

Please check out the above tabs on the home page for detailed information pages on all of our services!

Dr. Pearce grew up in Longview, Texas and graduated from Pine Tree High School in 1976. She then attended Kilgore College where she received her Associate of Science degree. Next, she graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas earning her Bachelor of Arts in Teaching degree. Dr. Pearce graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas in 1990, with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree. Before returning to the East Texas area to set up her Chiropractic clinic, Dr. Pearce practiced in Houston for 6 years. In 1996, Dr. Laurie returned home to East Texas to practice closer to home and family.

Dr. Laurie, an East Texas Chiropractor and Nutritionist, loves learning. She spends much of her downtime in seminars, classes, webinars, and symposiums, learning about nutrition, health, and wellness, and how to better help you to GET HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY! She also enjoys traveling, self-development training/coaching, and scuba diving.

If you come to Longview, please come by and visit Priority Wellness Care. Let us help you to find your perfect alignment and a targeted wellness plan designed just for you.

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