Being Bored is Boring!

All of us get bored sometimes. Whether it’s because we truly have nothing to do (not very likely…) or the task at hand doesn’t stimulate our minds or, truth be told, we just don’t want to do anything. Sometimes it can even be due to the escalating heat of summer during July and August.

When boredom sneaks in we tend to become irritable, tired and lack presence in the current moment. We seek out stimulation to relieve boredom and depending on what we seek, it may be good or bad for us. Sometimes we reach for unhealthy foods and then end up feeling miserable, or decide to go shopping on a whim and end up with items we really didn’t need and a credit card bill we really didn’t want.

Regardless of WHY boredom strikes, there are quite a few things you can do to shake the feeling and get back to being productive. Or maybe even better, find ways to truly feel at peace while doing absolutely nothing.

  • Play – How long has it been since you played a board game with one of your kids? Or went bowling? Or made a spontaneous run to the movie theatre to watch the summer flick you’ve been wanting to see. If the heat is getting to you, there are plenty of indoor activities that can hold your attention and lift the summertime doldrums.
  • Get physical – Although an outdoor walk might be out of the question, you can still turn on the dance tunes and get your groove on! When you increase movement and change positions, your brain releases wonderful chemicals that can boost your mood and make you a happier person overall! It’s a win-win!
  • Learn – Stay away from your computer head for a local museum to learn something new. Wander through your local bookstore with nothing in particular on your mind and pay attention to what jumps out at you. It just might be your next inspiration! You could also take a local class on cooking, pottery or gardening.
  • Clean – Tackling a cluttered closet, cupboard or even a shelf in the garage will bring about a sense of satisfaction for a job well done!
  • Volunteer – Helping a charity organization or someone who needs a little extra assistance can lead to feelings of humbleness and gratitude. Consider volunteering at an assisted living home, local animal shelter or at a preschool. Decide what environment suits you best and then get started.
  • Get social – It’s easy to stay indoors and lay around on the couch when we’re bored. Instead, put your shoes on and go visit a friend or neighbor. Stop by a relative’s house unexpectedly and bring some goodies with you. You’ll brighten their day and pick yourself up at the same time.

The cure for boredom is curiosity.  So find something to be inquisitive about and then go do it! You’ll have a better summer and will be able to brighten someone else’s day too!

Stay active my friends,

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